Bringing sound principles of commerce
back to the travel industry

Demeure is a commerce technology company that helps businesses thrive by connecting to rich channels of supply and demand. Our patent-pending market management system (MMS) provides online tools for travel buyers and sellers to prepare for the future — a future in which marketplaces aren't just a rising force, but are how consumers expect to book their travel.

Led from Demeure's office inVienna, Austria

A multichannel online booking solution for hotels, chains, and themed marketing portals. More than 5000 customers use and benefit from Seekda's eTourism applications and state-of-the-art software products. At the heart of the innovation is an easy to use, web-based maintenance tool for all distribution channels.

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Led from Demeure's office inWaterloo, Canada

A marketplace of marketplaces, where travel buyers and sellers connect, exchange, and redefine the future of travel. The power of the network is revealed when partners strategically connect to push out available capacity or pull in new options for their own audiences of travelers. This sharing of value is at the heart of MetaMarketplace.

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